We All Suck

With all the shit that continues to come out about what men (specifically white men) have done, I just look at the entire sex and say “what the fuck is wrong with us?”

Actually, I know what’s wrong with us:

  • institutionalized racism (from our government and our history)
  • institutionalized sexism (from our religions, mostly)
  • institutionalized homophobia and transphobia (from popular media)
  • institutionalized toxic masculinity (from our sports and beer commercials)
  • institutionalized violence (from our bullies and, again, popular media)

And absolutely no penalties for any of it.

Screw the men who do this shit to anyone — no matter what sex the victims are. But, worse, screw the men who refuse to make changes, or roll back changes made by forward-thinking individuals, or hide the offenses of other men.

My entire sex sucks. I don’t want to be associated with it anymore. Because the sex that I am interested in (that is to say: women) have been conditioned to be wary of what men will do at any given time — and rightfully so.

We all suck. We need to change. Even the #notallmen crowd who may never have done anything offensive to a women in their lives — we’ve all enabled these toxic behaviors at some point. I know I have, and no amount of woke-ness will undo my silence back when I was younger.

Yeah, I’m preaching to the choir, but I was going to explode if I didn’t say something. I’m just so fucking pissed off that we’ve gotten to this point.

What’s worse, I don’t see any way back. Might as well wipe all the men off the map and start over, because that’s pretty much the only way things are going to improve.

(This post originally appeared on my personal Fetlife in 2017.)

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