More spanking images

Last week, I shared with you three classic spanking images that I’ve been seeing since I owned my own computer. This week, I’d like to give you a few images that are more recent, that I also enjoy greatly.

(Image from Far East Media: Joe has a naked Vicci over his lap, her bottom red and marked with mitten-shaped handprints from a very hard spanking. She has just begun to cry.)

Way back in the 2000s, Far East Media was one of my favorite spanking sites, so much so that I actually paid for access to it. In it, young women would get spanked hard, and then some sort of sexual activity would occur. I’m surprised they’re still around, and I don’t know if you can still get the old videos, but the shot above is from one of the originals. The model’s name is Vicci, and after getting spanked and fucked, she gets spanked some more, until she cries. The reactions of Joe (the spanker) and the producer are both genuine — they’re legitimately surprised that she’s in tears and they seem to feel bad about it. If you can find this video, it’s absolutely worth a watch.

(Image from Lori has her shorts and panties down, and is being paddled with a clear paddle with 19 holes in it. Her bottom is extremely bruised and she is shouting in pain.)

Lori is by far my favorite ever model from Realspankings. I like curvy women, and she is a curvy woman, but there’s also something about her face when she cries that is just *chef’s kiss*. I kind of wonder what she’s doing now, and if she includes spanking in her intimate activities.

(Image from Southeastern Woodshed: Miss Holly uses a bath brush to spank a naked girl over her knee while another naked girl holds her in place. The spankee is extremely bruised.)

Southeastern Woodshed no longer exists, and I don’t know what happened to Miss Holly, but damn could she spank a naughty girl. I always wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of one of her punishments.

(Image from Southeastern Woodshed: a naked girl’s extremely-bruised bottom. A second naked girl is in position beside her, but you can only see a little bit of her.)

Seriously. Talk about some epic bruises.

(Image from Southeastern Woodshed: Miss Holly uses her bath brush on a naughty, curvy girl’s extremely bruised backside.)

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find my favorite video of Miss Holly’s, but I dug through my external drive and there it was. In it, she punishes a curvy girl for masturbating, and the girl cries hard. I mean, I don’t think masturbation should be a punishable offense, but for the purposes of fictional spankings, sure, why not?

One thought on “More spanking images

  1. I am a submissive wife and I am punished (usually spanked) for masturbating, if/when I have not asked permission or if permission was denied. This is because we agreed long ago that my body is to be enjoyed by him. And my pleasure should be derived from him. It keeps us interacting and having sex with each other, rather than in private/alone. Just some thoughts to consider. ☺️. Hugs, Marie


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