A Scene from Weekend Plans 3

Although the third book in the Weekend Plans series focuses mostly on Rachel, Julie, and Shawn, there are a few paths where Kim (she and Rachel are from the second Weekend Plans book) shows up. Here’s part of one of them:

You sit down on the couch, in the middle, and Kim climbs over your lap. You rest your hand on her ass; the skin is cool, though it won’t be for long. “How much of a warm-up do you want?”

She shrugs. “I like it hard. You know that.”

“Yeah, but you said it’s been a while.”

“I’m good. I’ll tell you if I’m not.”

Okay. If that’s how she wants it, then you’ll do it. You deliver a hard whack! to her left cheek, then another whack! to the right one, and over the next minute you give her about thirty slow, intense spanks with your hand. She doesn’t move around much, even though her skin starts to color almost immediately. Her backside, while nicely rounded, isn’t as big as Rachel’s, and when you cup her warm bottom one side only slightly overflows your hand. “Still good?” you ask.

“Still good.”

“She’s fine,” Rachel assures you. “Trust her.”

Fine, then. You continue spanking Kim with your hand, giving her whack! after whack! after whack!, blasting her backside with your palm. Your hand starts to hurt more quickly than usual — not a surprise, given how hard you’re spanking — but while Kim is letting out little grunts on occasion you’re not sure you’re really getting through to her.

You pause to rub Kim’s bottom. “Can you get me a couple of implements?” you ask Rachel.

She nods and goes into the bedroom, returning with your hairbrush and your small paddle. Perfect.

Crack! goes the paddle. Then crack! again, as you swing harder than you normally would to start. That gets a reaction, a surprised “oh!” with each swat. “There we go,” you say. You paddle her hard, but slowly, giving the bloom of pain from each crack! time to seep into her skin before dropping the next crack! on the other side. You give her fifty good swats, and by the time you’re done she’s breathing hard, though she hasn’t kicked or squirmed very much.

“How do you feel?” you ask, watching as Rachel frames up a shot of Kim’s very red backside.

“I’m great.” She has the same breezy tone she had at the start of the spanking. “How are you?”

“Just fine.” You rub her bottom with the paddle. “I’m sure you want more.”

“Yes, please.”

You exchange the paddle for the hairbrush, quietly so she doesn’t notice, and pop! then pop! deliver pop! eight pop! hard pop! whacks pop! in pop! quick pop! succession.

“Hey!” Now she does move around on your lap. “Not fair!”

“Life isn’t fair.” You give her eight more whacks, and you can see bruises starting to rise on both cheeks — you’re hitting basically the same two spots over and over. “And I remember things.”

“Things like what?”

“Like how spanking you fast is harder for you to take.”

She makes a “humph” sort of noise. “I wish I hadn’t told you that.”

“But you did.”

You drop a fusillade of hairbrush spanks on Kim’s backside, your left arm going around her waist to hold her in place because she’s really squirming now. You keep count in your head, stopping at twenty-four, and when you’re done she’s gasping for air. “Fuck me,” she rasps. “Fuck, I forgot how much that hurts!”

“Oh, does it?” Four pop! more pop! quick pop! spanks pop!

“Yes! Yes, it hurts!”

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! 

“Ow, fuck! Stop it!”

“‘Stop it’ isn’t a safeword,” you remind her, both teasing her and giving her the opportunity to actually use one.

She doesn’t, though, and you start spanking her again with the hairbrush, slower but harder, each pop! echoing in the small apartment despite the carpeted floors. Kim yelps and moans, but even though she’s moving around you can tell she isn’t really trying to get away.

Fifty swats later, Kim’s bottom is red and bruised, and extremely hot to the touch. “Good girl,” you say, smoothing your palm over her skin.


You share a look with Rachel, who inclines her head toward the bedroom.

“If you’re going to take that attitude,” you say, “then we’re definitely not done.”

Silence. You like to imagine Kim’s fake-pouting, but you can’t see her face.

“Go in the bedroom and lie down on the bed. Face-down.”

Kim slowly gets to her feet, wincing and stepping gently as she walks into the other room. You get up and pull Rachel into a hug. “Still okay?”

“Still okay,” she agrees. “But don’t spank me that hard without a good warm-up.”


I’m taking a slightly different tack with this book — instead of writing multiple choices and threads at the same time, I’m taking each thread to its logical conclusion (“THE END”) and then going back and doing the next choice. Hopefully this helps keep me on track. We’ll see. I’m only 12,500 words in at this point.

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