I was recently going through my Google Drive, looking for stories to work on, and I came across my ballbusting stories. Now, I know this kink isn’t for everybody, so if you want to skip today’s post, I totally understand.

You might be aware that, some time ago, Pornhub went through and deleted a crapload of videos. I think it had something to do with preventing underage activity and revenge porn — a very good thing to do on their part. Unfortunately, that also meant a lot of videos that weren’t from verified sources also got deleted.

There used to be (probably still is) a Clips4Sale store (which I can’t seem to find) where this guy used to lie on his back and women would straddle his chest/shoulders and do things to his penis and balls. I believe it was called “sitonme” but like I said I couldn’t find it with a cursory search of the site. Probably because it’s not new. Anyway, the videos on this store somehow got uploaded to Pornhub, and they ended up in one of my playlists, along with Brother Love. The videos are gone from my playlist now, because they weren’t from verified users, but I did some searching and found two of them for you:

Why do I like these videos (and Brother Love’s)? Because most ballbusting videos involve humiliation and femdom activity, and these really don’t. I mean, yes, okay, the women are dominating the men, but they aren’t cruel about it. The Brother Love videos usually involve the women having a wonderful time, and the Sara Park ones are “lighter” femdom. Also, they all end with an orgasm for the male actor.

I’m not into being humiliated. I’m not really into being dominated. I’m into sensation. I also know that the fantasy is often better than the reality — I certainly don’t want to go through what my main character does in this story. At least, I don’t think I do.

But sometimes it can be fun to watch.

(A screencap from “Happy Ending Home Ballbusting”, in which Sara Park is using both hands to masturbate her partner to completion after busting his balls.)

And, I mean, if this is the end result, how bad could it be, right?

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