Rediscovering Lizzie

Several years ago, I wrote a story about a woman named Lizzie and the man she was married to. She was dominant to him, and the whole framing of the story was about how he was being punished by her. It wasn’t a spanking, though; his punishment was for her to kick him in the balls.

I went looking for that story this week and couldn’t find it anywhere, so I decided to rewrite it. It’s different than anything I’ve written before, but I enjoyed the process.

Here’s one of the sex scenes, which takes place after Lizzie has gotten the main character used to rough play. It’s amazing what our bodies can start to enjoy once we’ve tried it.

I forgot about Lizzie when, later that week, this girl Brittney in my Intro to Business Ethics class asked me to go to dinner with her. Then she invited me into her apartment. I honestly wasn’t used to girls being this forward with me, but I kind of liked it. I also liked when she sat on my lap and we started making out. That turned into her on her knees, my cock in her mouth, and while it felt nice I didn’t get the same excitement out of it that I had gotten from Lizzie. Maybe it was because Brittney couldn’t get me all the way down without gagging; maybe it was because she wasn’t touching my balls. I don’t know.

We ended up in Brittney’s bedroom, and once she was on her bed I climbed between her legs and lowered my face between them. “What are you doing?”

“Going… going down on you?”


“Because I want to?”

She seemed to accept that as a good enough answer, but I could tell she wasn’t into it. She just sort of laid there, occasionally moaning but not enough that I wanted to keep going. Finally, when I lifted my head, she asked me if I was going to fuck her.

So I put on a condom and fucked her. It was fine; she was hot and tight, and she definitely liked this a lot more than what I’d been doing with my mouth. She came, her nails dug into my shoulders, and then came again.

But I didn’t feel an orgasm threatening. Only when I turned her over and fucked her from behind, my balls swinging forward and slapping her on each thrust, did I get that little jolt of excitement I needed. I grabbed onto Brittney’s hips and slammed into her, eyes clenched shut, and for some reason thought about Lizzie shoving my balls into her mouth and sucking on them.

Finally, finally I was able to come.

Brittney didn’t let me stay much longer after that, but we did get together a couple more times before winter break. I tried to put her hand on my balls the next time she sucked my cock, but she just kept taking it off and putting it back on my thigh. By the third time we were together, it took an act of sheer willpower to stay hard while I fucked her, and I had to fake an orgasm, one that I took care of myself back in my apartment, my balls in one hand as I stroked my cock, squeezing as hard as I could, until the pain in my balls triggered me and I came.

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