It’s not always a spanking…

While I certainly believe that using spanking (specifically, a cold paddling, the kind people give/get as part of school role-play scenes) can be an effective punishment and deterrent, sometimes it’s not the right kind of punishment to give.

Today I’ll be giving a punishment that doesn’t involve spanking at all. In the future, spanking might be involved, but today it’s not because I’ve never actually spanked this person before. We’re in discussions to do a scene this weekend, but the first spank I give to this person shouldn’t, in my opinion, be a hard paddle swat. Oh, she’ll get hard paddle swats, to be sure, but not right away.

In a build-up to this weekend, I have her edging for five minutes every day. She did not succeed last night — she edged, but she ended up coming. She tried, though, so I won’t punish her for it. However, she didn’t tell me immediately when it happened, and that kind of dishonesty (by omission) will be earning her a punishment.

Sometimes punishments that cause embarrassment or anxiety can be just as effective as paddle swats. Her punishment will be that she has to edge on camera with me urging her along. I’m not requiring the camera to show me what she’s touching; I’m requiring that she show me her face. I’m sure what’s between her legs is perfectly lovely, but it’s the predicament I want to see, and that requires seeing her face. I’m not sure she’ll succeed at her task — in fact, I’m kind of hoping she fails — but she’ll try, and to my mind it’s better to try and fail than to not try at all.

The next time she is dishonest, though, by omission or otherwise, she will find herself paddled. There’s only so much I can forgive.

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