Dreaming of Elizabeth and Chris

I told you other people would be having sex in my fanfic-to-novel project. I told you. This time it’s my third female lead, Elizabeth, and the guy she’s interested in, Chris. They’ve just gone on their first “real” date (though they’ve spent some time together) and now, back at Elizabeth’s apartment, since neither one of them has protection handy, they’ve agreed that one person has to keep their underwear on at all times (a fun exercise that a friend of mine told me she once did with a lover of hers). Here’s what’s going through Elizabeth’s mind as she goes down on him.

She knelt in front of Chris and undid his belt; he leaned back to make it easier for her. He kicked off his shoes, and Elizabeth did the rest, until he was half-naked and fully hard before her eyes. She took hold of his cock; it was almost scalding as it filled her hand, not quite as big as Tony’s but still big enough that she had to stretch a little to let her fingers touch around the shaft. He was circumcised — Tony hadn’t been — and she found she preferred the aesthetic.

She dipped her head and ran the tip of him over her lips. His scent was clean, the barest hint of soap and the fullness of his body, and she felt herself quiver. She wished she had thought to keep some condoms in the apartment, because she wanted to fuck him. Very badly.

But no. Not without protection.

Elizabeth took Chris’s cock in her mouth, swallowing him down halfway, her tongue working the underside, behind the head. He groaned, seemingly with relief, and pulsed in her mouth. She wondered how long it had been for him, and if she would do a good job compared to his other lovers — or his ex-wife. 

No. Better not to think about any of that. Instead she focused on his pleasure, gliding her lips and tongue along the head and shaft of his cock. Though she hadn’t loved going down on Tony, she’d done it enough to know that it would be messy; when she pulled away after a minute or so, Chris’s cock was glistening in the light of the bedside lamp, and Elizabeth felt a little drool on her chin, which she wiped away before — she hoped — he could see it.

He looked down at her. “Everything okay?” He sounded almost worried.

“Everything’s wonderful.”

Then she went back to it, her hands on his thighs as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth. She couldn’t get him all the way down, not without being afraid she’d choke or gag, but she did her best, and Chris didn’t have any complaints so far. There was slurping and sucking, wet sounds that filled the small bedroom, happy noises from Chris and from Elizabeth too, little hums of pleasure at how she was making him feel. It was so different doing this to someone she liked, as opposed to doing it out of duty — which was what it had been like toward the end of her marriage. She liked Chris, liked him a lot, and wanted to please him.

He made a louder noise, sort of a strangled groan, and touched Elizabeth’s hair. “I’m close,” he said.

She nodded, not releasing his cock, and redoubled her efforts, moving her head up and down faster now; it wasn’t long before Chris’s thighs went firm under her hands. She took hold of his shaft and pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, and she flicked it hard with her tongue.

His orgasm came with a thick, hot burst of come that hit the back of her throat.

Tony had never, ever come that hard.

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