Lily and Celeste, on the couch

Here, have some more of my fanfic-to-novel project.

Celeste laughed softly. “What? Too much?” She gently pushed Lily’s legs apart, her skirt rucking up, and then moved between them, holding herself up above her wife, looking straight into her eyes. She pressed her lower body downward, and the heat between Lily’s thighs suffused Celeste’s scrub pants, panties, and all the way underneath them. “The Lily I know says stuff like that all the time.”

“But not about work people,” Lily protested. Celeste lowered her head and kissed Lily’s ear. “Baby…”

“What?” Celeste whispered. “Like you didn’t used to make up stories about couples you see, and then act them out with me.” She smiled, kissing Lily again as she felt her wife wrap her legs around Celeste’s waist. “Oh, see, there’s my girl.”

“Always your girl,” Lily sighed, crossing her arms above her head.

Celeste picked up on Lily’s mood instantly and reached up to hold Lily in place, one hand where her wrists touched each other. “I love you.”

“Love you too.”

This was a very difficult position to play in, Celeste knew, but she wasn’t going to give up on it or interrupt it by trying to take things to the bedroom. She had to lean her weight on Lily’s wrists, which probably hurt a bit — not that Lily seemed to mind — and with her other hand she reached into the top of Lily’s hose, and underneath them and her panties. Lily wasn’t as smooth as usual — she must be getting closer to her next waxing appointment — but Celeste didn’t care. She sought out and easily found Lily’s clit, and her wife’s hips lifted up, pushing against her hand.

The position, though, made it less fun. It was just too awkward. Fortunately she knew how to touch Lily just right, to bring her to a quick, shuddering orgasm, and while Lily recovered Celeste climbed off the couch and grabbed the waistband of Lily’s hose. She pulled them down, and her panties along with them, and then stretched out front-side-down on the long couch. She kissed Lily at the center of her body, flicked her tongue over her clit, and then buried her face into her, breathing in her scent — her skin, her arousal, her heat. Lily reached down and Celeste grabbed her wrists, holding them tight against the couch so she couldn’t move, and Lily flushed and grew more slick, her arousal filling the room. Celeste knew Lily loved being restrained like this — they did have a set of under-bed restraints that they used on occasion, but Lily preferred when Celeste did it herself, without implements.

And Celeste didn’t mind. Not at all. She was easily able to taste Lily, to draw her tongue over every inch of her lips, to brush her own lips over Lily’s clit, and she could hold her in place at the same time. Lily was moaning, her hips shifting as she squirmed. In this position, in this state, Celeste could take her time, bring Lily along slowly until her orgasm slammed into her and she wrapped her legs around Celeste’s head, body shuddering and throbbing.

Celeste let go of Lily’s wrists and, once Lily released her head from her thighs, planted a series of fluttering kisses along Lily’s lips and over her clit. “Baby, that tickles!”

“I know.” Celeste couldn’t help but smile at the breathlessness in Lily’s voice.

I’m almost to the part where other people have sex. When you’re building a romance, sometimes it takes a while for the sex to happen.

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