Hang Your Head

I like face-fucking. Not all the time, but sometimes. Not everyone likes the sensation, though. It can be a little scary giving up control like that — although that’s part of the fun of it, I suppose.

However, when I’m writing, I can make my characters do whatever I want, and in this installment from “Every Which Way”, both of my characters are into it, though in different ways.

“Really, we were just waiting for you.” He climbed out of the bed and stood next to it. “On your backs.”

I watched Suzanne so I’d know exactly what Andrew was asking for. Since she hung her head off the side of the bed, so did I.

Andrew stepped up in front of Suzanne’s mouth; she opened it and he thrust in without any preamble. She let out a little choking sound, but he didn’t move away, not until she reached back and slapped his hip.

A line of drool connected the head of his cock to her lips, and it fluttered as she tried to regain her breath.

“Yellow,” I said, and they both looked at me, concerned. “I can’t go that far. Not without throwing up.”

“Okay.” Andrew took a step to the right, and at the same time Suzanne’s right hand found my left one and held on. “I’ll be careful.”

I wasn’t so sure about that, but I opened my mouth for him anyway. Just as he worked his way into my mouth, his hands found my breasts and squeezed, not hard, but hard enough to get my attention. I made a small, surprised sound, and felt his cock pulse in response.

“I’m going to fuck your face,” he said. “Are you ready?”

I managed a nod.

Andrew put his hands on either side of my head, adjusting the angle, and then started to thrust into me, slow at first but speeding up, until he really was fucking me. My mouth made wet noises as I slurped and sucked, but after a few moments I gave up and just let him do what he was doing. It was hotter than I’d expected it to be — I’d seen this in porn, and it just looked uncomfortable, but when it was someone I cared about doing it, I guess it was different. Andrew’s cock felt thick and warm in my mouth, and my lips glided along the shaft. He made sure not to go too deep, so I didn’t choke, but my nose still started to run and on the outstroke I sniffed hard. That just made tears spring to my eyes.

Without warning Andrew’s cock was out of my mouth, and then he was in front of Suzanne, buried to the hilt, one hand on her throat as if he was trying to feel his cock in it. Maybe he was. I held Suzanne’s hand, my head starting to pound from the blood rushing to it, and when she started to jerk he let her go. She took a huge breath, and by the time she was exhaling Andrew was fucking my mouth again.

He went back and forth between us several more times, until both of our faces were flushed and messy, until he helped us back up, first her and then me. Suzanne cuddled up against me, seeming very small all of a sudden, and Andrew got back in bed on my other side. I felt his cock hard against my hip and I turned so he could spoon up behind me.

Of course, that meant his cock was right up against my ass.

I had a moment of panic — I’d never had sex that way before. I wasn’t opposed to it, but it just hadn’t happened yet. The closest I’d come, other than earlier with Andrew’s tongue, was a small plug with a bright blue jewel on the base of it.

I had a feeling I was going to find out what it would be like for Andrew’s cock to be in my ass, and it wasn’t going to be long until it happened.

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