A Spoonful of Attitude

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a preview of “A Spoonful of Attitude” from Baker’s Dozen, so here you go:

“You’re being unfair!” she said, hating the whiny tone in her voice but she was just flat-out mad now. “I get stuck doing all the chores, and that’s on top of having a full-time job–“

“Which I have as well,” he said, keeping his voice firm and level even though she knew he was biting down on anger. “I work just as much as you, but my hours are different and–“

She just got louder: “–and then I get stuck doing the yard work too, and going to the store, and–“

“One…” He was quieter now.

“–you seem to think I can’t–“


“–make any decisions on my own. You never treat me–“


“–like an adult, like your wife; you treat me–“


“–like I’m in goddamn junior high and it’s not fair!”

He looked down at her, face set.

And the words exploded out of her. “You treat me like a child!”

“Oh? Really?”

“Yes! I’m a damn vice president of marketing and you can kiss my–“


And then, before Ashley could say anything more, she found herself being spun around and pushed against the kitchen counter, up on her tiptoes, her butt sticking out. Her stomach rose up into her throat as she realized– “Brandon! Brandon, no!”

“I treat you like a child?”

“Damn it, Brandon, don’t you dare spank me again!”

His hand crashed down on the seat of her pajama pants with a massive THWAP. “You earned it last night, you earned it just now, and as long as you’re my wife–” THWAP! “You’ll keep that attitude in check!”

“You’re being ridiculous!” The pain was flaring up in her backside now — Brandon had big hands, and he was very strong.

“Am I?” He grabbed hold of the waist of her pants and yanked; they fell down around her feet, exposing her bare butt. “How about this, then?”

“No!” she screamed. “No, Brandon, no, not again! Not again, please, not again not again not again–Any protest was drowned out by the sound of a wooden spoon landing on her bare backside with a terrific CRACK!

I originally wrote this story as a gift for a friend, and then revised it to go into Baker’s Dozen. Don’t forget I write custom stories, so if you have a spanking story you’ve always wanted to read (or be in), I can help you with that.

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