Thank goodness I can write it off on my taxes

Going to conventions is expensive. Thank goodness I can write most of it off on my taxes.

If I’m going to a convention, I have to buy food for myself while I’m there, I have to pay for the hotel, I have to pay for parking (if I drive), I have to pay for plane tickets (if I fly), I have to buy stock to sell books, I have to buy promotional materials to hand out, I have to take time off work, I have to board the dog… it’s a lot of money for relatively little return. If I were to sell every single book I brought with me, I might break even.

Of course, I go to conventions for the fun of it — to meet people, to spank people, to connect with other writers and kinky folks, to buy implements and such, to go to classes, to play games… and to recharge. Going to Frolicon, or other kinky events, helps bring up my energy level in general. It makes it worth the money.

I wouldn’t go if I couldn’t afford it — I budget for the cons every year — but when those bills come due, it can look kind of scary, even though I can pay them. Especially replenishing stock of books and promotional materials; that always costs more than I’m expecting.

I’ve always heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money”. Fortunately, I’m not in this to make money. Oh, it would be nice, but I know it’s not going to happen.

I’m in this for the fun of it.

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