We all know that being ghosted is its own special hell, but there’s more than just the traditional type.

Take, for example, when someone asks you something, you reply, and then you get radio silence for… well, the message I’m writing this about, I’ve been waiting for a response for 2.5 hours. I was asked what kind of scene I wanted to do, so I answered the question, and haven’t yet heard back.

Realistically, I’m sure the other person is just busy with work. But even a “that sounds interesting; let me get back to you after work” would be helpful. Otherwise I’m going to worry that I said something wrong and fucked everything up.

(The three dots from iMessage.)

At least if you’re an Apple user, or if you use Messenger, Telegram, or Discord, you can see if someone else is typing. But that’s a hell unto itself; is the other person typing a long message? Typing and deleting over and over? Half-writing a message and then going to do something else?

Look, I get it: replies can take time, and texting (and similar) is an asynchronous method of communication. But leaving someone on unread — or, worse, on read — when you’re trying to make a connection can make someone feel awful, even if that’s not the intent.

Don’t make the other person wait. Give them something, even if it’s “interesting — I have to run and take care of something but I’ll get back with you soon”. It can help a lot with anxiety.

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