Toy for Two

The general idea for a stroker is to use it on your own, but it can be fun to share that with a partner. Here’s something from my novelette tentatively called One Night in Asheville, where a couple uses one together.

Oh, and — there’s more that comes after this scene, so when the book eventually comes out, I recommend you check it out.

Anita had a stroker in her hand — not a Fleshlight, but something like it, skin-colored, with a woman-shaped opening at one end that glistened with lube. “Oh, shit.”

She smiled and held up his cock with one hand, the other using the stroker’s lips to tease his head. “I pay attention,” she said. 

“I…” He swallowed. “I see that.”

Anita slid his cock into the toy and he shivered; the inside had ridges and swirls that felt unlike any woman he’d ever fucked before. He had a few strokers at home, and he enjoyed playing with them, but he’d seen videos on porn sites of women using them on men, and he’d always wondered what that would be like.

Now he knew.

Anita used the toy to fuck Tom slowly, stroking and twisting, and he let out a long, shuddering breath. He was glad he’d already come a couple of times tonight, or else he would never be able to hold off; even when he was playing with his own toys at home, he had to masturbate and recover before using the stroker, lest he come too quickly.

Tom opened his eyes and stared down at Anita, who had a joyous smile on her face. “Having fun?”

“Oh, yes.” She twisted the toy all the way around and Tom moaned. “I like making you feel good.”

“You are…” His voice trailed off and he had to close his eyes again; the sensory overload was almost too much. He was fully hard now, throbbing against the synthetic skin of the toy, and Anita was stroking him with it for real now, moving it up and down a few times before caressing his head with the lips and then plunging him into it. He heard her make a small, satisfied noise as his hips rose and his back arched. “Oh, fuck.”

Anita didn’t reply; she just started to fuck him with the toy, the sound almost exactly like what it had been like when Tom had fucked her. The toy wasn’t as tight as she was, but he didn’t mind at all. It felt so fucking good to finally experience this without being in control. He was in control of the situation, yes, but doing this on his own he would always know what was coming next; with Anita doing it, it was more spontaneous, and it felt even better than his tightest, most complex stroker at home. 

It didn’t take much longer for Tom to feel an orgasm threatening; Anita must have seen his balls tighten — she fucked him faster and harder with the toy, and he started moaning uncontrollably. “Come for me,” she said, her voice husky. “Give me your come.”

It was already happening. Tom felt the orgasm smash into him and he spurted, hot and thick, into the stroker, filling it with his come. His whole body shook; his toes curled. He felt his legs go stiff and try to close around Anita’s body. It took a while before it ended, before the last bit of come dribbled out into the toy.

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