Butt stuff. No, not BUTT STUFF, just butt stuff.

It’s no surprise to anyone that I love butts. Hell, I wrote a whole book about it. But lately I’ve been writing an awful lot of butt-centric fiction, more so than I used to.

Ever since my first experience with giving analingus, I feel like I’ve become more comfortable writing about it. I’d received it a few times prior (and since that post I received it again, and it was 🔥), so I could confidently write about that, but now that I’ve given it (more than once) I have a better frame of reference for what it’s like.

Also, I recently finally got… well, not pegged, because the strapon part didn’t quite work right, but I had a rather large, girthy toy fucking my ass. My last pegging experience before that, the toy was shaped oddly and not long enough for two curvy people to use successfully for pegging. Oh, it felt nice, but it wasn’t the same. The more recent experience was much closer to what I want when I’m being penetrated.

So I guess butt stuff is on my mind.

I was recently scrolling through my folders of works in progress, and there is a fair bit of butt stuff in them.

Plus, of course, the stories that focus on spanking, which is by its very nature a butt-centric activity — there are more than a few of those in the folders.

One thing that I’ve noticed in my writing about butt stuff is that very rarely does anyone’s butt say no. However, of my three current intimate partners, one of them has a butt that often says no and another does not want anything penetrating her butt except for a tongue. And as for me, my butt said no recently as well. I suppose, for realism’s sake, I should include in a story someone’s butt saying no and how the individuals in the scene redirect their attentions.

Butt stuff has been on my mind a lot lately, though. Including during a recent spanking I gave, where my partner was wearing g-string panties as part of some new lingerie, and I could see what was between her cheeks, and I desperately wanted to fuck her ass with my tongue. I didn’t — we had other plans — but for a moment it was all I could think about. For what it’s worth, I’m sure she wouldn’t have complained.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on butts for the day. What are yours?

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