Another post about butt stuff

Yes, this is another post about butt stuff. Not the book Butt Stuff, but about actual butt stuff.

I’ve done a lot of butt stuff in my life. I know what it feels like to give and receive. I really like doing things involving butts. But there was one thing I had never done, that I was honestly a little afraid of, and I wanted to try it. So badly.

Ann and I were talking and the conversation got around to butt stuff, as it does. While she is not into a few things, one thing she really does like is receiving analingus. That’s the one thing I had never done. (She does like giving, and I have received it in the past and enjoy it as well.)

Last week, we had a sleepover, and we discussed engaging in that activity beforehand. Once she came over and we made our way to the bedroom, I decided (after some light foreplay) that it was now or never. I confirmed that it was still a safe activity, and we were off.

I… really don’t know how to describe it. I enjoyed it greatly — primarily because she enjoyed it greatly, but also because I love using my mouth on my partner. There was a lot of licking, and I tried really hard to push my tongue into her but it only went in a tiny bit because she’s really, really tight back there. I also used my fingers on her (not on her ass), and I’m pretty sure she came from the combination, at least once.

After I cleaned up (I bought mouthwash for this specific reason), we went back to bed and she sat on my face until her legs were jelly, and then I went down on her some more, because I could. Later that night, I spread her ass for my mouth again, and again she was thrilled beyond belief. And again, after I cleaned up, I went down on her, much to her delight.

Is this something I’m going to do with every partner? It depends on if the partner likes it, and is hygienic enough. But it’s something I would definitely like to do with Ann again, and if she should feel the urge to reciprocate, I certainly won’t say no.

Yay for butt stuff!

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