My dreams are usually extremely intense. I don’t know why; they just always have been. I have a sleep disorder (and am medicated for it), and maybe there’s a correlation there. Sometimes my dreams are stressful and bad; sometimes they’re very, very good.

I recently had one that was the latter.

I was in a hotel room with two women (a blonde and a brunette) and another man. I went down on both of the women, including rimming the blonde, and then the brunette went down on me solo before both of them did it together. The man was just there, I guess; I think we talked.

Some other stuff happened in the dream, too, and the sex part ended before I could reach orgasm, but the dream was so intense that I woke up harder than I have in a long time. And — y’know when you wake up but you’re not quite awake yet? Apparently I was so turned on by this dream that when I did fully reach a conscious state I was stroking myself. That’s never happened.

If you’re interested in what the two women looked like:

All I really remember about the blond woman was that she was pretty skinny — the type that, when she stands naked in front of you while you’re kneeling behind her, you can see everything.
The brunette looked a lot like actor Madeleine Malling Breen, an actor from the Nordic region, except with brown hair and slightly less perfect teeth. That might be because I just watched the show Beforeigners, in which she appears. (I highly recommend the show, by the way. It’s on HBO Max.)

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