Three Favorites

Just for funsies, here are my three all-time favorite fanfic stories:

  1. “Legend”, by ShayneT. In this crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Trek: The Next Generation, Buffy’s cryogenically-frozen body is found by the Enterprise crew, while at the same time Data is captured by Kivas Fajo. Data discovers another android — the Buffybot — and together they escape, while at the same time Buffy is imprisoned for being one of the 21st century’s greatest criminals. This 100,000-word story runs through the end of The Best of Both Worlds, and is true to all of the characters in both Buffy and Trek. A great read.
  2. “Still Around the Morning After”, by Mosca. The URL kind of gives it away, but it’s an ER slash fanfic starring Susan Lewis and Kerry Weaver. Realistic, sweet, funny, a little sad in places, and it’s the story that made me love This Is Just To Say by William Carlos Williams. The formatting on the linked site isn’t great, but you could always paste it into a Word document. There is explicit sex.
  3. “Martian Manhunter”, by MedianCat. Another Buffy crossover, this one with Veronica Mars, from Veronica’s POV. Veronica makes a bet with a demon that she could make improvements to the Buffyverse, so the demon drops her into the episode “School Hard”, combines the backstories of both shows, and sets Veronica loose. The ending denouement gets a little tedious, but the rest of the story is fun.

Just in case you were looking for something else to read. If you have to pick one, I’d pick “Legend”; it’s that good. I cried at the climactic moment. (Happy tears.)

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