One of my partners considers herself a lightweight — that is, she can’t (or doesn’t want to) take harder spankings. She asked me once if it’s frustrating to spank a lightweight, and honestly… no.

Here’s the thing: I love spanking. I love giving spankings; I love seeing bruised and marked bottoms; I love hearing the noises people make while I’m spanking them. I love giving fun spankings; a part of me even loves giving punishment spankings (though that’s more complex). Just because you can’t take a harder spanking doesn’t mean you still aren’t enjoying it, and if you’re enjoying it, then I’m enjoying it.

A few months ago, I had a one-night stand with someone from Reddit. She didn’t have a ton of experience with spanking (at least, from the receiving end), and while she told me she wanted to be restrained and spanked, she didn’t think she could go too hard.

Fine by me. I spanked her with my hand until her backside was bright red, and then used toys to double-penetrate her. She was so worn-out afterward that she couldn’t do anything sexual in my direction, but that was okay; she’d enjoyed herself immensely, and had gone home with a sore bottom, and that made me happy. Just because I couldn’t spank her as hard as I can go, and just because I didn’t use any of my implements, that didn’t make me less likely to enjoy myself. I mean, I had a sexy twenty-five-year-old naked and bound to my bed, and I spanked her and made her come several times. What’s so bad about that?

The same goes for my “lightweight” partner — who, by the way, has consented to me working with her to build up her tolerance. I enjoy every spanking I give her, because (a) I like spanking and (b) she likes spanking. She gets immensely turned on from it, and after the spankings we do lots of other fun things. Why would I be frustrated by that?

Some people need to give hard spankings to be satisfied. Some people require receiving hard spankings to get what they need out of the activity. I certainly love giving hard spankings (and back in the day those were the only kind I gave), but if I have a partner who’s a lightweight, that’s okay too. For me it’s all about the spanking itself, and our mutual enjoyment.

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