Here’s a little story about something I only managed to do with one person, and it took a lot of work. Once upon a time, I managed to train someone to come when I counted down from any number to zero. (Well, any number five or greater.)

This person — who I haven’t written about on the blog before, and who is no longer a part of my life — lived several states away, so we did most of our playing over the phone or on video chat, except for the few times we met in person. One way I would torture her is to tell her I’d let her come when I reached the end of a countdown. I’d count down from ten to zero, but sometimes I’d also count up — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 7, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 0. On zero, she was allowed to come, and she did, squirting everywhere. (She was a squirter, and she did so with almost every single orgasm.) We did the counting game at least three times each week, and we both had a delightful time doing it.

And then one time she and I were talking on the phone while she was at the car repair shop, in the waiting room. I told her I was going to count down, and she was going to come, but she was not going to let anyone else in the room know it was happening. I counted down from ten, very slowly, and I could tell from her breathing when I hit zero that she came. It wasn’t a big orgasm, but it was a fun one.

From that day on, I would occasionally make her come in public, just from counting down over the phone. She had every right to stop me, and she did on occasion, but I was dominant to her and she trusted that I would never do it in a way that was dangerous to her, or that would cause her to get in trouble (like at work). And of course when we played in our respective bedrooms I reinforced the counting by making her come on command — or not come; I remember one time when I started at ten and counted up to twenty-five, and the whole time she had to keep using her toy (she had a Magic Wand knockoff that had a head small enough to be insertable while still being large enough to transmit lots of vibrations), which I would tell her to turn to high or low at various points.

She never failed the exercise — she never came before I hit zero — but it was a near thing once or twice. Still, she was a good girl, and she learned to come on command, just from a countdown.

Someday I’d like to train someone like that again.

(I looked for a picture of the results of one of these orgasms, but I don’t seem to have any. Alas. You’ll have to make do with this one.)

(The board game “Squirt”, with Pluto the dog and a skunk on the cover.)

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