Polyamory Pet Peeves

While writing last week’s post about laundry, I came across this article about polyamory pet peeves. It was written in jest, but it’s also serious, in some ways. Here’s a few things I have comments on:

So much laundry to keep your bedsheets fresh.

I already talked about this, but as someone who cannot fold a fitted sheet — my mother and one of my friends have both tried to teach me, to no avail — this gets tiresome sometimes. I fold my fitted sheets by rolling them up. It gets the job done.

Forgetting which stories you told which partners.

I have two (potentially) romantic partners, one regular play partner, one semi-regular play partner, and a few occasional play partners. I’m already forgetful as it is; I’ve written an entire book about this (under my real name, which is why I’m not linking to it here). I feel bad coming up with a “new” story only for my partner to say “oh, you told me this.”

Which shows are you going to watch (or rewatch) together?

I’m lucky in that the three main partners I do sleepovers with all have slightly different tastes in TV shows. But I’ve worked around this by having specific shows to watch with specific people. With Natalie, for example, I’m watching Star Trek: Discovery, and we’re probably going to start The Orville (a rewatch for me, but new for her). I wait for her to watch Discovery, even if it means I can’t watch it the day it comes out. The cuddles during the show, and the fact that we can make fun of it together while still enjoying it, make it worthwhile.

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