Oh Sheet

It’s only polite to change the sheets before a partner comes over, especially if you shared your bed with a different partner and haven’t changed them yet. Last week that all came to a head in my bedroom, because I had four sleepovers and each one was a different partner from the night before.

That is a lot of laundry. I have a sheet, a top sheet, and four pillowcases to wash. I can usually get away with using the same pillowcases on my side of the bed, but even then, I cuddle so much that sometimes my partners end up on my pillows with me.

I’m not the only one with this problem. It’s been written about on Reddit, and probably in other places too. Hell, I had to buy more sheets — I had three sets, which should be enough, but I also don’t want to wash sheets every other day, and besides my washing machine is on its last legs and leaks all over the floor every time I run a load. (I’ve spoken to a repairman and had it fixed once, but he said the repairs cost so much that it’s more cost-efficient to just buy a new one. I have a new one coming next week, thank goodness, but in the interim that’s a lot of towels on my laundry room floor.) I now have five sets of sheets, all of which are coordinated in some way with my comforter (which is yellow, white, black, and gray). I only wish all of them had the little “top/bottom/side” tags that one of my sets does. I mean, how hard would that be to get added in?

As far as towels for showers go, I have plenty of those, thank goodness; I didn’t have to worry about those running out the entirety of last week, even though I had multiple people showering in my bathroom (not at the same time). To be fair, some of them aren’t exactly new (the towel I’m using for myself right now, for example, I bought in 2013 when I separated from my first wife), but there’s always clean ones for me and my guests.

Still, once I realized my plans for last week, I definitely had an “oh, sheet” moment.

(See what I did there?)

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