A Fortnight Ago

Two weeks ago today — Thanksgiving in the US — I made Butt Stuff free for everyone with a Kindle, and set the sale to run for four days. I’m kind of obsessive about checking my sales stats, but I left it alone for four days.

The final tally: 136 free copies of Butt Stuff given away, and someone bought two other books as well. Unfortunately Amazon can’t tell me exactly how many pages were read (although I’m sure they have those stats saved somewhere) unless the person borrowed the book through Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle lending library, but I’m hopeful that at least some of those folks read the book, instead of just squirreling it away on their Kindles to read at some point down the road.

What I really want, though, is people to review it after they read it. Or, really, to review any of my work after they read it. The last review I got of any of my work was in August, and the last review before that was August of 2020.

Look, I’m not in this to make money; I’m never going to be a full-time writer, and I accept that. I write because I want people to read my work and be affected by it. If you have, and you were, a review would not come amiss. Just saying.

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