Overplanning Redux

I wrote a few weeks ago about overplanning, about how hard it can be to keep from trying to cram everything into a single session, and how that can lead to stress and disappointment.

There’s another kind of overplanning, though.

I’m a single parent with 50 percent custody. That means I have my kid every other week. So when I don’t have custody, I try to cram in as much activity with my friends and play partners as I can. And I have a tendency to overplan. Like last week.

  • Monday: Lunch date with Ann, evening hangout with a friend from high school.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday: Munch and sleepover with Lani. We fulfilled a couple of our fantasies involving my desk.
  • Thursday: Dinner date with a new person. It was our second date, and it led to fun activities afterward.
  • Friday: Lunch date with Ann.

I don’t regret anything I did last week, and I had a blast with everyone I saw. But I definitely overplanned. And I’m sure that I’ll be overplanning again. I already have plans for next week: Friday night (a sleepover), maybe next Saturday afternoon (a private play party, though I’ll only be going to socialize), and definitely next Sunday night (a holiday party with kinky people, though not a play party). Plus there’s work — always a time-suck — and maybe I’ll even write something new.

I admit that I’m under a little stress from all the overplanning, but so far it’s been worth it. And that’s the most important part of all.

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