Second Base

According to Wikipedia, “second base” is defined as skin-to-skin touching of the breasts, which can include mouth-to-skin touching as well. But calling it that doesn’t nearly cover the level of intimacy and joy that that relatively-simple contact can give you.

Meet Ann. Ann is a woman I’ve been talking to for several weeks. We’ve been on a couple of dates, and we’ve done a scene together (and it was, to use the current vernacular, 🔥). Last week we had a lunch date, and we talked a lot during it, and then when we got back to my house she took off her dress and bra so I could take pictures of the bruises I’d left on her the day before. That led to her straddling my lap on the couch, lots of kissing, my shirt coming off, and our bodies held close together as we kissed and touched and nibbled and talked.

Yes, talked.

Ann has some health problems that prevent us from going past second base right now, although it was made very clear by both of us that if she hadn’t had said health problems we would be in the bedroom instead of on the couch. Still, we made each other feel amazing — her hands on my shoulders and chest were so very relaxing, and because of my body image issues I almost never like having my chest touched but I wasn’t going to stop her. Her weight in my lap was comforting and arousing all at the same time, and just seeing her over me like that was unfuckingbelievably sexy. (I might be a top/dom, but I like being on the bottom sometimes.)

And then she mentioned how sensitive her nipples are.

Well, I’m not going to let that go without some exploration. Nor should I have. So I did, and she came for me, and it was glorious. Then she laid her head on my lap for a while before it finally got too late in the afternoon for her to stay. We shared one more kiss before she left, but just calling it “one more kiss”… well, words can’t really describe kissing her.

We only got to second base. Odds are good we’ll be hitting doubles for some time before we make it past there. Maybe when I was younger I thought second base was just something you run past on your way to home plate, but I’ll hang out here for a while.

And I’ll be perfectly happy with that.

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