I shall be frolicking

Frolicon is probably my favorite convention to go to. This year, due to COVID, it was postponed until October 14-17. I just found out late last week that I will be presenting some classes (exact names and times to come), and that there will be a table in the main area where you can meet me and buy my books. I always sell paperbacks for less in person than they cost on Amazon, so it’s worth it to stop by.

I just went through all of my stock and promotional materials and discovered that (a) I have a ton of copies of some of my books (which I stocked up on for cons that were cancelled in 2020 and 2021) and (b) I also have a ton of promotional cards for Baker’s Dozen, Butt Stuff, Other Options, and Shell Game. So if you want a few to give to your friends, hit the contact page and I’ll find a way to send them to you.

I also am kind of frustrated with myself that I didn’t think of the tagline for Lessons that I put on my new promotional cards until today, because it’s a good one:

A princess with an attitude problem.

A teacher whose job it is to correct it.

When they meet, sparks will fly.

I mean, come on… that would make you read the book, right? It would at least make me want to read the first chapter.

And if you’re not sure you want to buy the entire book, if you pick up a copy of Detective Daddy and the Puppy’s Outing, you get the first chapter of Lessons as a free preview. So there’s that.

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