Happy Endings

One thing that a lot of romance editors request is a HEA or HFN ending — happily ever after, or happy for now. I personally don’t think a romantic story requires one of those to be good, but I’m kind of a romantic, deep down, so I like happy endings.

I’d say the ending of “As Long As You Can” is pretty happy, but I’m not going to let you read that part. I will, however, share with you one of the sex scenes near the end.

I squeezed his cock hard. “You want a blowjob, right?”

That did it. He eased over onto his back and I turned in bed, swinging my leg over him and settling myself onto his face. He was only too happy to grab on and bury his mouth inside me, and I almost forgot for a moment what I was supposed to be doing. That was the problem with this position — Mark’s mouth felt so good that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

So I didn’t bother. I let go of his cock and pushed myself up into a sitting position, literally sitting on his face. His tongue and lips worked at me as I smothered him, barely giving him enough room to breathe, and he didn’t seem to care. He loved when I did this, loved having me in this position, and I rather enjoyed it as well. I ground down on his mouth as he fucked me with his tongue, both his hands on my ass. He wasn’t quite able to reach my clit, but I was only too happy to help with that, touching myself with my left hand, using my right to keep my balance. Between his mouth and my fingers I felt an orgasm rise inside me, filling me to bursting.

Then I exploded, feeling myself gush over his face. He licked and lapped and sucked, and I teased my clit until it was so sensitive that I knew I couldn’t hold off anymore. I shifted my weight and knee-walked my way down until I could sit on Mark’s cock, my ass facing him. I leaned forward, hands on the bed between his legs, and started to fuck him that way. It was rare that we did this position, because he couldn’t reach much and I knew he loved to touch me, but I wanted to fuck him, not the other way around. I slammed my hips down on him, over and over, one hand moving between my legs, and he moaned loudly as I came again.

“I…” He was struggling for breath, and I knew the pressure on his hips was pushing his ass into the bed, which probably didn’t feel great. “I was promised… a blowjob?” He tried to sound like he was joking, but it didn’t come out that way.

I didn’t care. I rode him hard, working my clit frantically with my fingers until I came a third time, his cock filling me over and over. His noises turned me on even more, and I knew he was getting close, but I managed a fourth orgasm before I had to climb off. When I turned around, his cock was throbbing and slick; I swallowed him to the hilt, forcing myself not to gag, and cupped his balls with one hand.

He lost control then, surging upward against my mouth, his come spurting down my throat. I did gag then, coughing and pulling back, but I managed to hold onto his head between my lips and swallow every bit of his come, until he was making uncomfortable noises as I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock.

We were both exhausted after that, sated and happy, clutching each other close, breathing hard.

“Wow,” he murmured after a while.



The story is just over 8000 words, and is a sequel to “As Hard As You Can”, which is in Butt Stuff. So, y’know, if you like people giving spankings as hard as they can, you might enjoy reading that one.

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