Sometimes They’re Short

Sometimes sex scenes are short, even in erotica. This one, from “As Long As You Can”, is only a few brief paragraphs.

This time when he leaned in for a kiss I reciprocated it; he was gentle, and didn’t push for more, and it did what it always did. Before too long we were in the bedroom and he was undressing me. He bent me over the bed and knelt behind me, and I felt his breath between my legs.

I might have been jealous, or frustrated, or hurt, but Mark was a good person, and he was very, very good with his mouth. His tongue and lips explained to me, in detail, just how much he loved me, and then he added his fingers, pushing down on my g-spot. I came hard, gushing over his hand, and that was all the impetus he needed to stand up, drop his pants, and push his cock into me. He was thick and hard and throbbing, and I clenched tight around him. “Hard,” I moaned. “Fuck me hard.”

Mark took direction very well. He grabbed onto my hips and thrust into me, over and over, my ass slapping against him. His fingers dug into my flesh, enough that he might leave bruises; it hurt more than I wanted, but I didn’t care; I needed him to fuck me, to show me he belonged to me, and he was only too happy to. Over my own moans and gasps I heard him grunting and growling, and as my next orgasm came close I started jerking my hips back against him so that we slammed together even harder. His balls, heavy and full, swung forward and slapped my clit, which was enough to push me over the edge. He didn’t last much longer after that, and his cock pulsed and twitched inside me as he came, the warmth of it spreading through me, a delicious heat.

Once he moved back, easing his cock out of me, I stood up, cupping myself to avoid getting a mess on the carpet, and slipped around him to the bathroom. When I came out, he was naked, standing at the dresser, picking out clothes for tomorrow.

It’s interesting how much my real-life experiences influence the way I write sex scenes at various points in stories. I had sex last night (I’m writing this post a few days in advance) and it was fucking amazing, but today all I can think of is how much more I want and how… morose, I guess?… I am that it’ll be a while before it happens again. The sex scene today was a short one, because the rest of the writing for this section of the story is about how unhappy one of my main characters is. Both my partner and I were extremely happy after the sex, but I don’t know how she feels today. I only know how I feel. And I feel… down, for some reason.

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