Just another option…

My novella Other Options is about a princess on an island where magic is real. Here’s a scene where said princess, Ala, asks her husband to do something new:

Kivol surprises me as we dress for the morning meal, pushing me gently until I am bent over the edge of the bed and claiming me from behind, rough and fast. He thrusts and grunts, hands on my hips to gain leverage. By now I am attuned to his body, though, and as he comes close, I wiggle out of his grasp and turn onto my back. “Ala, what–”

“Touch yourself,” I say. “I want to see you reach the heavens.”


I slide down to kneel in front of Kivol’s organ, so large and so hard, wet from my body which made itself ready for him despite his roughness. With one hand I cup myself, finding that tiny place that brings me so much pleasure. “Please, Kivol? For me?”

He makes a confused noise but does as I ask, his big hand going around his organ and stroking it in a practiced manner. The very sight of it brings fresh wetness between my legs and I moan. My body is sore from my day and night with Vivia and then Kivol’s claimings, but the sight of him working his organ with his hand, knowing he will soon erupt, is enough to push the soreness away.

“Please, Kivol,” I say again, breathy. “Do it, Kivol. Do it!”

He groans and strokes faster, harder. The head of his organ thickens and I know he is close again. “Here… here it comes…”

On the heels of the warning, Kivol’s organ pulses and thick, hot seed spurts out to land on my breasts. The fluid seems to scald me. The second spurt splatters on my chin and I am lost in the heavens, head thrown back, quaking on my knees as Kivol squeezes himself, heavy drops of seed dropping on my breasts and shoulders. When it ends, Kivol staggers back, nearly falling. “Ala?”

I take my hand from between my legs and collect some of his seed, placing it on my tongue. It tastes bitter, but not bad. I swallow it and give Kivol a lascivious smile. “Did you like that?”

If you like fantasy worlds, tropical islands, and lots of sex, Other Options might just be the novella for you. And if you enjoy it, don’t forget to review it on Amazon or Goodreads.

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