Megan’s First Adult Spanking

One of my earliest spanking stories is “The Spanking of Megan Riley”. I wrote it after I read The Godfather — I’ve never seen the movies, but I have read the book. It inspired me to write a spanking story set in a world of crime families. I picked Irish instead of Italian, because I didn’t want it to be too close to the source material, but otherwise, if you’ve read the book, you might pick up on some similarities. Not a lot, but some. My heroine is Megan Riley, and here’s her first spanking as an adult:

David didn’t yell when he was angry, but Megan had learned to tell. “The one time I’m late,” he said, “and you choose to berate me. The one time I have a bad day and spend a few minutes with my brothers-in-law, and you spend dinner haranguing me.”

The color drained from Megan’s face as David stood up. She lifted her chin as David slowly came around the table. “What’re you going to do, huh? Beat me?” He took her wrist and tugged her to her feet. “Finally going to let that temper go, is that it? Finally going to mark me up good for the neighbors, prove that you’re a man?”

He put his face close to hers. There was something in his blue eyes that frightened her, and she desperately tried to pull away, but his grip was too strong. “I’m sorry, David,” she said quickly. “I… I didn’t mean… I know you wouldn’t–“

“You’re damned right I wouldn’t,” David said, his voice softer than ever now. “I love you, Megan. I really do.” And then he kissed her hard on the mouth.

But before she could overcome her shock and kiss him back, Megan found herself whirled around and pushed face-down on the table. “David!” She thought he was going to have sex with her right there, and despite her mood at his lateness, she felt herself grow ready at the thought.

He flipped up her long skirt, tucked it into the waistband, and stroked the cotton panties covering her bottom.

Then he drove his hand down in a slap to her backside that jolted her whole body.

“David!” She was in shock; he’d never, ever done anything like this to her. No one had, not since she was a girl.

But David was doing it. He smacked her bottom again and again, arm sweeping in wide arcs, Megan’s rounded cheeks bouncing — for she had never been slender or even willowy, just pleasantly curved in all the places her husband liked.

“David! Stop, please! Please!”

“Are you going to stop?” His words were punctuated by hard smacks that went far beyond stinging, burning all the way through her. “Are you going to be a little more understanding?”

Megan set her mouth in a hard line, not responding.

The next smack made her kick her legs up in the air, and she yowled.

“Are you?”

“Yes!” It was practically a scream as she writhed, trying to escape David’s hand holding her down by the small of her back, trying to reach back and protect her upturned bottom, but he stopped her. “Yes, yes! I’ll be good! I’ll stop!”

If you want to read the rest, you should pick up Butt Stuff; the entire story’s in there, along with lots of others that’ll pique your interest. And remember, if you like it, you should review it on Amazon — good reviews help authors climb the algorithmic rankings.

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