I wrote a story yesterday about a man who has sex with an alien who has a long tail. You can guess what she does with it, especially if you have read my other stories. It’s a little too short (the story) to post a part of it here, but at least I managed to write something.

I mean, come on. If humans had tails you know we’d be doing sexual things with them. Insertions, spankings, choking, you name it. Fucking someone’s ass with your tail while they’re fucking you is only one thing; you can shove a tail down someone’s throat, or fuck yourself with your tail while you’re being fucked, or… well… the possibilities are endless. I imagine whipping someone with a tail might be difficult, and tiring on the hips, but depending upon the musculature of the tail it couldn’t be too bad.

I know for sure that if I had one I would wrap it around the throat of someone who was giving me head (if she was into breathplay/choking). Given that I like wrapping my legs around my partner’s head and holding her with my cock in her throat until she’s tapping out, begging for air, doing it with a tail would likely be just as much fun, if not more.

Though I suppose this also depends upon the outer composition of the tail. I don’t think anyone would want to do an insertion if our tails had hair on them like our heads do — though if that was the case I bet tail waxes would be a thing.

And what about the tail’s sensitivity and usefulness? Would it be like another finger? A toe? A tongue (albeit without tastebuds)? What if just touching the tail could be erotic? That would mean it’d be taboo to use it in public, I’m sure, although let me tell you, the amount of times I wished I had a third hand while working on my house… hell, if I had a three-foot-long prehensile penis I’d probably use it during home improvement in some way or another.

Though not for holding nails. I like a little pain with my sex, sure, but I don’t want anyone hitting my penis with a hammer, and to be honest sometimes my aim is not great. Ouch.

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