I think my body is trying to tell me something

I think my body is trying to tell me something.

Three times in the past week I have dreamed of masturbating, something I haven’t done in about a month. (I also haven’t had sex in about a month; there’s probably a correlation there.) There’s nothing wrong with dreaming about it, or doing it, but I just haven’t really wanted to at any convenient times. Like, right now I’m fairly hard and could probably do it, but I’m also on vacation at my parents’ house. Going into the guest room for half an hour while they’re both awake and working in the main room of the house could be suspicious. The ideal time is right before I go to bed (I haven’t really felt like it at bedtime) or when I wake up (the dog wakes me up every morning and stares at me until I take care of her).

And yes, I could probably take care of it in five minutes, but anything worth doing is worth doing right. You can’t edge very many times in five minutes, and when I do it, I do a lot of edging. I do always finish, although I think maybe when I get home from vacation and start doing it again I’m going to not finish sometimes. That’ll definitely cut down on the mess, given that my orgasms are rather… copious. (I drink a ton of water; that probably contributes.)

On that topic, someone needs to create a male masturbation sleeve that is self-cleaning. I have one, and it feels fucking amazing, but after I come the last thing I want to do is go into the bathroom and clean it out. I do, when I use it, but I use it quite rarely because of that reason. (I also have misplaced my toy cleaner, and while hot water and soap works, it’s really better to use specialized products for that purpose.) If they cleaned themselves, I’d probably buy more of them.

Anyway. Yeah. I probably should find some time to masturbate, and soon. Before I have another dream about it.

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