Five days to LESSONS

…or is it four? I can never do the math right. Anyway, Lessons comes out this Friday, June 25. Pre-order here!

Also, a bunch of people visited my site on Saturday. I wish I knew why.

Finally: if you haven’t had a chance to review books of mine that you’ve read, please take a moment to do so. I’m sort of torn between which is more important: sales figures (which show me that people are buying and reading my books) or reviews (which show me how people feel about my books). Both are vital, and both contribute to me (and, indeed, to all writers) writing more.

Speaking of writing more, I really need to get back to my “Dominant Detective” series. I have the fourth story half-written, and the fifth sort of planned out. Here’s a sex scene from the third, “The Dominant Detective and the Yellow Rose of Texas”, for your enjoyment:

Sir rolled us over until he was on top, his cock hot where it pressed between us, throbbing against my tummy. “Sir,” I whispered. “Sir, please…”

His fingers found me, found me already wet for him; they skidded across my clit and I whimpered, my back arching. “Already, sweetheart?”

I nodded, forcing my eyes wide open so he could see that I was being serious. “Now, Sir, please!”

Normally he would have touched me more, used his fingers to get me ready, but I wanted him too much and he knew it. He moved between my legs, taking my ankles in his hands and opening me up. I felt the heat of his body like this, the underside of his cock pressed to my pussy, his balls against my ass. “Now, sweetheart?”

“Now, Sir! Now now now n–“

He was inside me in one movement, his cock stretching me all the way apart. Tears came to my eyes; it hurt, but it felt good, and my brain short-circuited. My orgasm hit an instant later, clenching around him, and he was so hard and so thick and it was like trying to climb a wall of glass and being unable to get a grip. I could barely breathe it felt so good, and this was just the beginning; Sir had put my legs over his shoulders and was bending me almost in half now, the head of his cock so deep inside of me, and he was throbbing hard enough that I almost came again just from that.

He pulled out a little bit, just a little, and then thrust in, and then I did come again. His hand was on my face and I turned my head to pull his thumb into my mouth, digging my teeth in hard. Sir grunted (I have a strong jaw and he knows there’s always a chance I’ll use it) but didn’t pull away; instead he started to fuck me hard, coming almost all the way out before slamming back in, the head jamming against my g-spot every time. Sir’s cock had the perfect curve for my body, and we fit together so well, and Sir made me come every time a million times like he was doing right now.

Before long I felt Sir’s cock somehow get harder and stretch me that much more, just a tiny bit, but enough that I knew. I put my hands on his chest and pushed against him, and he grabbed my wrists and forced me back down onto the bed. My legs wrapped around his waist and I writhed, my body wanting to get away, overloaded with sensation, but Sir was too strong and he was fucking me too hard and then with a primal cry his cock was pulsing inside of me, his orgasm pushing me over the edge, my wrists surely being bruised by his powerful grip even as my pussy tried to squeeze him as tight as he squeezed me.

At some point, I realized Sir was still on top of me, his cock no longer as hard but still inside. We were both gasping for breath, and he’d let go because my arms were around him. He tried to pull away, but I put my left leg up and dug my heel into his butt. “Stay, Sir,” I whispered, my throat sore from crying out to him. “Stay.”

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