Four Days to LESSONS

“Four Days” is a song by my favorite band, Counting Crows. It’s not my favorite song by them, but I know it. Anyway, it’s also four days until Lessons is released. So, y’know, pre-order. If you want.

Yesterday I wrote the first chapter of what was going to be a story about a guy who invents a cross between Fetlife and Tumblr. Today I found out that bdsmlr exists. So that one probably won’t get finished. However, I’m sure I’ll recycle the sex scene for another story. Here’s a bit of it for you:

I leaned in to kiss her, her lips salty from the tears, my hand sliding up her back to hold onto her neck. She stiffened, but I wasn’t going to squeeze her now; I had what I wanted. Some nights I would keep going, hitting pressure points or slapping her in sensitive areas, keeping the tears flowing, but not tonight. “Touch me,” I said against her mouth, and she reached one long arm down, into my shorts, to take hold of my cock. Her fingers were cool and delicate, and I surged against her grip as she stroked me and I kissed her. When I bent my head to her neck, to nibble at her skin, she sighed and with her free hand pulled my head closer to her. I allowed this for a minute or two, and then pulled away. “Come to bed,” I told her.

Kitten knew the rules, though; she waited until I took off my clothes, until I was in bed, and then she let her panties fall to pool around her ankles before stepping out of them. I had my legs apart; I pointed down, between my feet, and she knew what she was to do. I watched her long, graceful form climb onto the bed and she sat between my ankles, her feet next to my hips, knees bent. I took one foot in my hand and moved it until my cock rested against the smooth skin of the bottom of her foot. 

Kitten didn’t need to be told what to do; she adjusted her position so that she could capture my cock between her long, narrow feet, and she began to stroke me with them. This was something I’d never realized I’d wanted until one day when she’d brushed me with her toes and then I’d known. My cock throbbed against her, the softness surprising — but then, I knew she took good care of her skin, and once she’d figured out that I liked this, she’d made a point of making sure her feet were perfect for me. She got pedicures and massages; she used lotions; she soaked her feet in the bath to keep them soft and supple. And it paid off; before too long, I was holding her feet together, thrusting between them, wanting to come.

And I did come, spurting high into the air, splattering on my stomach and chest. Kitten was always impressed at how high I shot, and she’d often make a little sound, a combination of satisfied and surprised. She didn’t move, though; she let me finish, until my come was dribbling out over her toes and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. “Good girl,” I managed to say.

“Thank you.” She sounded like she was blushing, and maybe she was; my eyes were closed. I produced a hand towel from under the pillows and tossed it to her, and she let out a little chuckle before removing her feet from my cock. I opened my eyes in time to see her get up onto her knees and then lean down; she took my cock, still somewhat erect, into her mouth and sucked a little, which earned her a tiny extra spurt of come. Then she made her way up my body, licking my orgasm off my stomach and chest and then, after swallowing, kissing me.

“Kitten’s turn now?” I suggested.

“Where do you want me?”

“Where do you think?”

She smiled and knee-walked her way up the sides of my body, until her knees were on either side of my head. She lowered her smooth skin to my mouth, and I took hold of her hips and tasted her.

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