Alone in a Crowd

I’m one of those people who can be alone in a crowd.

Last night I went to a munch where I knew some people, but not well, and I don’t really run in the same circles they do. So while I sat and watched people, everyone else was talking, hugging, laughing, and reminiscing (there had been a play party recently that I hadn’t gone to, and anyway a lot of the people were in established relationships or friendships). It was kind of like this:

(A meme of a train hitting a bus).

Sometimes I wish I was less of an introvert, or at least that I was better at talking to new people.

And now, here’s a scene from the second Dominant Detective story, “The Dominant Detective and the Man with the Golden Bum”:

I was so lost in thought that I almost missed it when he began moving back in, filling my ass again, stretching me around his cock. His fingers dug in, and there were already bruises on my hips from all the sex we’d had all weekend, but I think he made new ones. I knew it was hard for him to last like this, and I knew he was doing his best because I loved it so much.

I squeezed tight on his cock, biting back a moan, and Sir gasped. “I can take it all,” I managed to say. “Fuck me hard, Sir, please!”

“Are you sure, sweetheart?” His grip on my hips loosened. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I can take it, Sir. I promise, I can take it, just–“

He pulled out and slammed into me, my ass thumping against his lower stomach. I cried out and came, back arching, trying to pull away (not because I wanted to, but that’s what my body did). Sir was stronger, though; he grabbed on and wouldn’t let me go.

And then he fucked me hard, his thick cock spreading me open with each powerful thrust. Tears sprang to my eyes as I came again; it burned when he filled me like this, but the pain made my body throb and spasm and each orgasm was bigger than the last until, with a roar, Sir shoved me down onto the bed, pushed into me one more time, and then his come rushed into me so hot and hard that I screamed. His cock pulsed and throbbed and jumped, and he was making incoherent noises, but I probably was too as I clenched and pulled and pounded my fists on the bed and came under him, the combination of his cock and his come and his body on top of mine driving me over the edge again.

Eventually, though, we were left in a pile, his cock still firm and stuck tight in my ass, my body limp and tingling, both of us sweaty and gasping for air.

“I love you,” he managed to say, his breath hot against my ear.

“I love you, Sir.” I reached back and put my hand on his hip. “I love when you fuck my ass.”

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