Flashes of Me and You

It’s come to my attention that I’ve written more than a few flash fiction erotica stories over the past few years. Coming… well, soon-ish… is Flashes of Me and You, a collection of my flash stuff. So far there are fifteen stories in it. Not sure how many there will be by the time I’m done collecting everything and editing it.

Here’s a preview of one of them, “Into the Woods”:

My hand went around your throat — not to cut off your air, just to control you — and pushed you up against the tree, facing me. I took your keys and your phone and put them in my pockets before putting my hands around your throat again. I whispered things to you, things I don’t remember, and I used my fingers to tease your neck, your jaws, and your ears. I dug my thumbs into the soft spots behind your earlobes and you squirmed. I could tell you were getting turned on, and I wished we had time for sex, but there were only fifteen minutes left before you had to leave for work.

“We didn’t come here just for this, did we?”

“No.” You were breathy, your heart pounding like a drum in your chest.

I turned you around and pushed you up against the tree — a wide one, with rough bark — but put my hand along your cheek to protect it. This also allowed me to pull your hair and put my arm across your chest.

“What kind of girl must you be,” I asked you, “to bring me out into the woods like this?”

“A very bad girl.” Your voice was quick and jittery.

“I think I know what happens to bad girls.”

And then, body close to yours, keeping you in place, I spanked you.

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