One Night in Asheville

Well, that’s not a very inspiring title, is it? It is, however, the working title of a novelette about two people who meet up for one night of kinky, sexy fun in Asheville, NC. I’ve been working on it for some time, and today I added another chapter and a half. Here’s a preview of a type of scene I’ve never written before:

She nodded and took out a bottle of lube. Tom watched her pour an amount of it into her left palm, and then she smeared it all along his cock — which started to get hard; he liked when women used their hands on him. “Your cock is pretty,” Anita said.

“Is it?” Tom had never thought of it that way.


Anita started to stroke Tom’s cock with her left hand, slowly, her hand movements confident. He closed his eyes and relaxed into the pillow, enjoying what she was doing, hopeful that she would start using both hands soon — either both on his cock, or one there and one on his balls, or even working her finger (or, better, fingers) into his ass.

None of those things happened, though, and a few moments later Tom realized she wasn’t touching him anymore. “Who said you could stop?”

“Trust me.”

“Why?” He opened his eyes and looked down, and he felt his heart jump into his throat.

Anita had a stroker in her hand — not a Fleshlight, but something like it, skin-colored, with a woman-shaped opening at one end that glistened with lube. “Oh, shit.”

She smiled and held up his cock with one hand, the other using the stroker’s lips to tease his head. “I pay attention,” she said. 

“I…” He swallowed. “I see that.”

Anita slid his cock into the toy and he shivered; the inside had ridges and swirls that felt unlike any woman he’d ever fucked before. He had a few strokers at home, and he enjoyed playing with them, but he’d seen videos on porn sites of women using them on men, and he’d always wondered what that would be like.

Now he knew.

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