The Dominant Detective is coming soon…

About seven years ago, I started writing a series of stories called “Detective Daddy”, about a DD/lg couple where the DD solved mysteries and the lg helped him out. There was also a lot of sex, and some romance.

Unfortunately, as I’ve found out recently, using the term “Daddy” on Amazon — especially in titles — can cause you to be put in Amazon Jail, and as a relatively small-time author, that’s the last thing I want.

So I edited the stories. Now it’s just a regular D/s couple, and instead of “Detective Daddy” it’s “the Dominant Detective”. There are three stories, and two of them are fully edited and ready to publish, just as soon as I get the covers. I’m thinking the stories will come out in July, once Lessons has been out for a little while.

Mystery plus erotica? Two of my favorite tastes that apparently taste great together.

Here’s a sampler from the first story, The Dominant Detective and the Puppy’s Outing:

“I love you, Sir.”

I try to be the stoic, strong type, but those four words from my sweetheart melt me in an instant. Every time.

I took my sweetheart’s face in my hands and kissed her, soft and gentle. At least, that’s how it started, but before long we were on the couch and she was straddling my lap and the kisses had become hot and hungry. Her tank top came off; my shirt came off. My mouth found her left breast and I dug my teeth into the curve of her cleavage, easy at first but tighter and tighter, until she grabbed my shoulders and her nails bit into my skin. My cock was already hard but as she cried out I felt like I might tear through the shorts I was wearing and fuck her right through her panties.

So we compromised. I pushed her off, yanked them down, and shoved my shorts out of the way. She straddled my lap and the underside of my cock nestled against her. In the winter she would sometimes let her hair grow a little, but it was hottest month of the year and she was bare against me, slick and scalding as she ground down against my cock, which was throbbing harder and harder with every beat of my heart. One of my hands came up, grabbing her breast, and my thumb pressed hard against the marks from my teeth; I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it, and her body broke in an orgasm that almost hurt from the power of it. I love when my sweetheart comes for me; every one of her orgasms is almost like me having one of my own.

“Sir,” she whimpered as I flicked my tongue against her nipple. “Sir, please!”

She wasn’t specific, so I did what I wanted: I bit down hard on her nipple, without warning, and pinched the other one tight between two fingers. She cried out and came again, incoherent as she slid along the shaft of my cock.

I reached between us, caressing the softness of her tummy, and pushed myself down. She adjusted her position without seeming to think about it and took me inside her. I kissed her hard, drinking down her moan as I stretched her from the inside, and ran my hands along her back to grab her ass. It filled my hands, soft and pliant, and I dug my fingers in, pulling her against me. She moaned again, low in her throat, and ground against the base of my cock. I felt her orgasm build, and build, and build, and when I reached up and grabbed her throat she came, hard this time, her insides clenching in pulses that felt so very, very good.

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