SHELL GAME… the way the author intended!

As the author intended? What are you talking about?

In short, after a discussion with my original publisher, Sizzler Editions, I decided it would be best to request the rights back from them. They obliged, removing the original versions of Shell Game (the duology of Learning the Ropes and Breaking the Rules) from their catalog.

Now it’s a part of mine, and you can preorder the new version of Shell Game, the way I intended it to be presented — as a single book, not a duology. Because, really, it’s one story, not two. And it costs less than the two volumes combined, so there’s that too.

Oh, and there’ll be a paperback, also. Both it and the digital version will be released on October 10, 2019, as part of my appearance at Chicago Crimson Moon. (You should come.)

There’s also a brand-new cover which encapsulates the story a whole lot better than the originals did. (Okay, fine, the Learning the Ropes cover was pretty good, but the Breaking the Rules cover made zero sense to me.) Here it is:

I’d read that book. You should too.

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