Other Options is out! (Again!)

“But wait! Wasn’t that novella already available? Didn’t I read it already?”

Yes, it’s certainly possible that you have already read Other Options. Hopefully you have. I mean, I wouldn’t know because no one reviewed it (folds arms and taps foot like disappointed teacher), but let’s just say that I sold a few copies over the years.

An astute individual might have noticed that the original version of Other Options magically disappeared from Amazon about four months ago. This is due to me discussing the rights with my publisher and them removing it from their catalog so that I can republish it. I would like to stress that this was my decision, not theirs, and I hold no ill will toward Sizzler Editions. Nor should you.

Anyway, Other Options is back on Amazon, and it’s only $1.99 (a dollar less than what the publisher was charging). If you’ve already read it and you’d like to support me by buying a fresh copy (with the all-new cover — see below), I would appreciate that tremendously. If you haven’t read it, maybe you should. Here’s the cover copy:

Ala, a princess in on an island where magic is real, hasn’t spent her entire life waiting around to be married, but when it happens right before her new husband leaves for a long sea voyage, she finds herself alone and untouchable. It’s not long before she realizes that she doesn’t love her husband she loves someone else, someone she’s known all her life. They can’t act upon their love — the magic of Ala’s marriage would burn them both alive — but one thing Ala learns is that there are always other options… if only she can find them.

If you like fantasy, romance, sex, magic, or any combination thereof, you really should read Other Options.

Oh, and, as promised, here’s the new cover, by talented artist Sara Noto. It is way more accurate to the content of the story than the old one. Trust me.

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