2020 Conventions… So far…

Hello! I know I haven’t updated in a while; life got in the way. But I’m still going to be at conventions this year, and you can meet me at them. We can talk, and I can sign books, and maybe, if you ask nicely, I might spank you. (Or, if you’re a top, let you spank me. It’s only fair, right?)

  • Frolicon 2020: April 30 – May 3
    • Classes and panels TBA.
    • Writer’s table (usually just outside the security office).
    • Bedtime Stories — hear the authors read their work, and act it out, for fabulous prizes! Friday night, May 1.
  • TASSP 2020: June 25 – June 28
    • Vendors’ Room on Saturday June 27.
    • Hanging around and spanking people all weekend.

There’s also a new spanking group in Atlanta, where I live, and I’m probably going to join it. So, y’know, find me there too.

And if you have a convention or party you want me to attend, let me know. I’m always willing to discuss it.

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