wanting, but not doing

I want to write.

Specifically, I want to write more of what will probably be my next book after Butt Stuff, called (tentatively) Lessons. I’ve written about ten chapters, although they all need revisions, and I have a rough outline. I know where I want the story to go and how I want it to end.

But every time I think about clicking on the folder to go start working on the story, I ask myself “is this really what you want to be doing at 7:00 on a Saturday morning?”

I want to. But I don’t want to.

I guess what makes a real writer is being able to overcome that struggle every day and get at least a few words out.

What’s more annoying is that my main alternate to writing is watching TV, although I don’t really feel compelled to watch anything on any of the VOD services I subscribe to. I guess I could do a load of dishes — the kitchen is getting pretty out-of-hand, and I don’t mind doing them — but I probably won’t.

This is what happens when you wake up at 4:30am (after falling asleep around eleven) and toss and turn for two hours before giving up and coming downstairs.

Maybe I’ll come back to Lessons later today. I’ve had it on my mind for a few days now. And given how late I was in finishing the second draft of Butt Stuff, I know that if I finish Lessons in 2019 I’ll have a much easier time prepping it for a 2020 release.

So: what do you do in situations like this? What projects do you look at and say “I really want to work on that, but I just can’t make it happen”? What’s your go-to method of procrastination?

Let’s talk about it.

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