The Bathbrush

Hairbrush spankings are generally considered pretty painful, which is why they are good for punishment scenes. At Frolicon I gave a hairbrush punishment spanking — 12 swats, as hard as I could — and the person receiving it was, to put it mildly, not happy. She was also a little bruised afterward.

A Conair-brand wooden paddle-style hairbrush.

I mean, the picture here is of a “paddle brush”, which suggests that even the people at Conair know what their products are used for (in addition to brushing hair).

After a recent demo, a woman came up to me to play our “speed spanking” game, and when we finished the spanking part, we talked a little about implements. She told me that she and her boyfriend had a visceral fear reaction to when I demonstrated the hairbrush spanking, so I reassured her by reminding her about the part of my talk where I covered negotiation — before you play, always talk to your partner about what is and is not allowed. (I also gave her a good lick with the cane, at her request, and she enjoyed the burn.)

When the hairbrush doesn’t get the job done, though, there’s always the bathbrush.

A wooden bathbrush.

I was doing a demo at The Farm a couple of weekends ago and I brought my bathbrush with me because I was specifically talking about the difference between spankos and “normal” kinksters. Someone asked me what the difference was between a bathbrush and a hairbrush, and the answer is simple: with the longer handle, you get a more painful whack due to force and leverage.

You can also do some good funishment scenes with it. For example, I once did one where I pulled someone out of the shower, spanked her with the bathbrush because I “found” some cigarettes in her bag*, and then put her back into the shower to finish up. It was a great scene, short but memorable — I mean, I clearly haven’t forgotten it, right?

* For this particular play session, I actually sent this bottom to go buy some cigarettes, even though she’d given up smoking more than a decade before, because I wanted the scene to be as realistic as possible. If you’re doing funishment scenes, realism is usually appreciated by the bottom who’s receiving them.

I got to use the bathbrush during two scenes that night at The Farm. One was with a play partner who said she’d never taken her “final swats” fast, so after we agreed on four swats with the bathbrush I gave them to her very quickly — less than three seconds to deliver all four. She was a little stunned, but not in a bad way. Then, later, with Partner 1, I gave her a few swats with the bathbrush, which were still red the next morning. (The photo below was posted with her explicit permission.)

Partner 1's bruised bottom, the morning after our scene. The big reddish-purple spot on the left is exactly where I hit her with the bathbrush.

The big reddish splotch on the left side is where I hit her with the bathbrush. The swats on the left cheek were definitely “better” than the ones on the right — I think because I’m right-handed and because of the angle at which I was standing. And when I delivered them, regardless of the side I was spanking, they most definitely hurt. A lot. Which is exactly what a bathbrush is for: to give very painful spanks. If you don’t have a bathbrush in your bag, I highly recommend you get one. I guarantee you’ll get a reaction from its use.

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