Appearance Alert: TASSP 2023

TASSP 2023 (the Texas All-State Spanking Party) in Dallas, TX, is fast approaching, and there’s still time for you to get tickets! I’ll be there, primarily to spank lots of butts (and maybe get spanked a few times), but also to spend some time in the vendors’ room, where you can get lots of cool toys and other spanking-related stuff. Like my books, for example. I’ll have all of them with me, and you’ll be able to save a few bucks by getting them directly from me instead of buying them on Amazon. Plus, I’ll sign them for you. (Or if you bring a book you already purchased, I’ll sign that too. I’m not picky.)

There might also be some toys for sale, like dicks-on-sticks (which leave great marks) and resin paddles. It just depends on whether or not my partner can produce enough stuff before the event. She’s a busy girl.

I’d love to meet you at TASSP, so come on out!

A pink bottom wearing a pair of bluish panties.

(Photo by iLoveLychee in the /r/littlespace subreddit.)

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