Holiday Stories: April Recap

I finished writing the April collection of holiday stories (again, just the first drafts) on February 28. Here’s the April recap. As previously stated, my goal is to publish these collections, one per month, throughout all of 2024.

The April collection, by the way, is about 37,700 words long, and contains:

  • Anal Sex (M/F)
  • Analingus (M/F)
  • DD/lg
  • Masturbation (F, M)
  • Oral sex (F/M, M/F)
  • Punishments (M/F)
  • Sex dolls
  • Sexual Intercourse (F/F, M/F)
  • Spanking (F/F, F/M, M/F)
  • Tickling (M/F)
  • Tit-fucking (still haven’t found a good euphemism)

And here’s who it features from the Spanking Connected Universe:

I also added new characters to the SCU, who you’ll meet over the course of this year as I post previews of various stories. And one story that I wrote for April was a series of sonnets — very challenging.

As I reread the April stories, preparing this post, I thought about something one of my partners said to me, about how I tend to write about things I want. There was a lot of cuddling in this month’s stories. I got a lot of cuddling — I had a partner visit for a week while I was writing some of them, and my local partners cuddled me plenty. But I think I was feeling depressed in February — I know I had a few bad days — and I wasn’t getting enough sleep, so that probably contributed.

This collection, like the March one, took around four weeks to write. I’d say that’s a pretty good pace.


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