The moment she breaks

You might recall episode 3 of “Cry, Baby, Cry”, in which I showed you some pictures of Vicci, also known as Vicci Valencorte. There’s not much about her online, although it appears she did 17 videos or so. Her work with Far East Media is by far my favorite, and if you want to see why, fast-forward this video to about 41 minutes. There you’ll see Vicci go from composed to broken. It leads to this:

Adult film star Vicci Valencorte, after crying from a spanking during a scene from Far East Media.

I’ve seen harder spankings. I’ve seen longer spankings. But it’s rare that you can watch a spanking video and get that realistic of a reaction from the bottom.

I also recently wrote a story about the moment when someone breaks. Here’s a preview of it:

He patted her backside — even that little touch hurt — and exchanged the cane for a three-fingered tawse made of stiff leather. “If you want to cry,” he said, “this’ll get the job done.”

“I want to.” She really did. She’d never cried from a spanking before, and she was beyond curious what it was like.

Kevin moved into position. “Here we go.”

Then there was a crack!, and an explosion of agony in Rae’s ass, and she howled.

He didn’t give her time to recover before the next crack!, and the heavy implement sent blazing [fire/echo] through her.

The third crack! seemed to tear its way along her nerves, so far up her torso that her throat went tight.

Rae steeled herself, tried not to clench her ass, and–


Tears sprang to her eyes and she let out a choked sob.


Another howl, and then Rae broke down and started to cry for real.

I mean, I like the scene, but it’s not quite the same, is it?

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