One of Eighteen

As I mentioned previously, there are 18 different endings to Switching Plans (if you read the printed version; the electronic version has even more). Here’s one of them:

You climb carefully into bed and pull Julie into your arms. “What are you doing?” she asks, a little bewildered.

Your hand slides down the front of her body. She parts her legs, and between them she’s already slick and waiting. Your fingers slip in easily. “I’m going to tell you all about my spanking,” you tell her, “and you’re not going to come until I’m done.”

Julie moans.

Then you start talking, and she really moans.

When you get to the end, when Mistress Sasha spanks you with her hand one last time, she can’t take it anymore; she shoves you onto your back and climbs onto you, slamming her hips down as she engulfs you with her body. Your ass aches from the pressure, but you’re not going to stop her — Julie wants to fuck you, and you want her to fuck you, and you love when she fucks you like this. She throws her head back, swinging her hair; her breasts bounce and sway. You grab onto her thighs as she grinds on you, and then without warning she comes, gushing over you.

That’s all it takes; you thrust upward and your cock spurts inside her as your orgasm tears through you.

Afterward, Julie flops down on the bed beside you, breathing heavily, her arm across your chest. “I’m coming with you next time,” she says, her voice hoarse and breathy.

“I’d love to have you there.”

It’s not too difficult to get to this ending; in the printed version, if you get to page 40, you’ll probably be able to find it. In the electronic version, I believe it’s “page 29” but don’t quote me.

Anyway, preorder Switching Plans today and you’ll get it right away on March 31, and then you can see for yourself.

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