Cry, Baby, Cry (Part 1)

When I first started out in the spanking world, I thought a spanking wasn’t “real” if it didn’t end in tears. I have, thankfully, changed my tune — not everyone cries, and not everyone wants to. But I still love tears — partly because of spanking, and partly because of that one picture of Angelina Jolie that I’ve posted before. When I ran a spanking blog, I often posted photos of bottoms in tears because that’s what turned me on. (Still does.) So I’m going to do a series of my favorite crying photos from my blog.

Part 1 will focus on two models from RealSpankings, Brandi and Jessica. All photos in this post are owned by them; they are not my own original content.

(Brandi, a slender young woman with medium-length brown hair, is fully clothed, bent over a desk, crying hard while she holds on. This clip is from a scene where she is paddled “at school”.)

Brandi was never my favorite RS model — she’s too thin for my taste — but she can cry like nobody’s business. It’s hard to tell if she’s acting or not; I’m sure the RS spankers could tell you. This clip is great because it looks like it could really be a girl getting paddled in the principal’s office: no nudity, no nonsense, just a naughty girl wearing normal, non-revealing clothing bent over a desk.

(Brandi, bare-bottomed, over a man’s lap, getting spanked.)

Here we see Brandi in more of an “at-home spanking” situation. She looks to be on the verge of tears, which is a beautiful moment to see in any scene.

(Jessica, a light-skinned redhead with many freckles, sits on a hard wooden bench, wiping her eyes after being punished.)

This is another “realistic” scene — again, no nudity and no revealing clothing, but it’s clear that she just got thoroughly punished at school and is wiping away her tears. Check out that old inkjet printer in the background, too!

(Jessica, bare-bottomed with her skirt up, gets a bath-brush spanking from a man. She is crying.)

And, just as before with Brandi, here’s Jessica in more of an “at-home” situation. While she is a good crier — I know this because I used to subscribe to RS and I’ve seen a lot of their videos — this image doesn’t quite capture it as well as it could. I do love her freckles though.

If you’re looking for images and videos of women crying from spankings, I highly recommend RealSpankings’s back catalog — especially their stuff from 2000-2010.

Next Friday: more tears!

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