Does this count?

November is National Novel Writing Month, or Nanowrimo. The goal of Nano (as it’s called) is to write a 50,000-word book in one month, which comes out to about 1667 pages per day. Totally doable.

I’ve never done it, though. I tried, back in 2013, but about four days in I got a contract on one of my novels and had to focus on that instead of on writing new words. I still haven’t finished that book from 2013, and probably never will, but I do like the characters.

However, from November 18 to December 16, I wrote 67,400 words. That’s fewer than 30 days, so does that count as me “winning” Nano? They weren’t for one single book; they were for short-story collections. Still, 67,400 words is 67,400 words.

I have a lot of trouble writing during Nano, because everyone else is doing it and talking about it, and that tends to drag me down. But lately I’ve been writing an awful lot — more, in fact, than is expected for Nano writers. Whatever the reason, I hope it continues.

Here’s a little something from one of the short-stories I wrote over those 30 days. You’ll see the whole thing in my holiday stories collections in 2024.

Alison stroked him slowly, until his erection filled her hand. Then she let go, and she felt Zach’s eyes on her as she turned around and bent over the foot of the bed, legs shoulder-width apart, ass in the air. “Come here,” she said.

Zach was on his knees in an instant, his fingers between her thighs. She squeaked as he pushed two fingers into her — she was plenty wet already, but his hands were big, and it was an unexpected intrusion. “Already ready for me, huh?”

“Y… yeah. But…” She swallowed hard. “I know you want something else.”

“Oh? What’s that?”

Alison reached back and spread her ass, blushing hotly at the vulnerability she was showing, even though Zach was very familiar with that area, having fucked her ass plenty of times over the years. “Do it,” she said.


Fuck. He was really going to make her say it, wasn’t he.

She felt his breath coming closer.

Thank goodness. He’d figured it out.

His tongue brushed her opening and she squirmed.

Then he gave it a long, slow lick, and she groaned with pleasure. She knew her ass was sensitive, and she liked when he played with it, but she had to put what he was doing out of her mind.

He didn’t make it easy. His hands replaced hers, holding her cheeks tight, and then he dove in, his tongue pushing its way into her. Alison yelped and tried to pull away, but Zach didn’t let her. He was too busy fucking her ass with his tongue.

“Shit,” she gasped. “Fuck, shit, fuck, fuck!”

Zach made a pleased sound, one that vibrated her entire opening, and she couldn’t help it: she pushed back against him. That led to more happy noises, and more cries of delight, and although Alison needed some sort of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, the pleasure from this simple act was starting to overload her brain.

And Zach showed no sign of stopping. He plunged his tongue into her, then pulled it out and flicked it along the outside, almost a tickling sensation. He readjusted his grip until his thumbs were almost on her hole, until it was like he was trying to split her apart. Apparently that changed the angle enough for him to go even deeper. It wasn’t quite like the feeling of his cock, but it was fucking amazing. “More!” she whined. “More, please, more!”

“I will,” he said, his breath hot between her cheeks, “but you need lube first.”

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