So that’s where it went…

A couple of weeks ago, I came back from a vacation to Florida and had plans to meet up with one of my partners. It’s the one who likes when I come on her face, and with that much time between orgasms she was sure to get quite a bit of it. I even edged the night before for almost an hour, just to build up the pressure.

After a brief (but very firm) spanking, I put her on her knees and put her to work. She loves that aspect of her job (so to speak) and before long she was slurping and gulping as I filled her mouth with my cock. Maybe seven minutes later, it was time.

I stood up. I took hold.

I came.

There are pictures, but I’m not going to share them because they’re face pics; she might share them on her personal Fetlife, but that’s ultimately up to her.

The first shot landed across the right side of her face, right over her eye. The second? Over her shoulder. Oops.

By the time I was done, her face was festooned (I love that word when it comes to describing facials) with come and she and I were both laughing happily.

While she cleaned up (it took three towels to get it all) I checked the floor to try and find where that one rogue spurt had gone. I couldn’t find it, though.

She found it. It was on her back. Low on her back — like, near her right kidney.

Somehow I guess it curved around? I don’t really know. But we got another laugh out of that.

She said later that this was the most I’ve ever come. I clarified that it was the most I’ve ever come on her, because I’m sure I’ve come that much down her throat before.

It was a great night for both of us, and it was followed by many, many cuddles.

And then, two nights later, I spanked her until she was gorgeously bruised. Because I could.

(Reddit user “sheisatang“, post-facial. This is pretty close to how my partner looked when we were done.)

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