Holiday Stories

On the way back from Lone Star 2022, my partner was looking through Amazon for holiday spanking stories and reading me amusing back-cover copy from the spanking (and other kink) stories she came across. It turns out there are a lot of spanking, kink, and sex stories based around major holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and even Memorial Day.

But what about all those weird holidays that no one’s heard of (or believes they even exist)?

That’s my new project: twelve short-story collections (some of them flash fiction, some of them full-length stories), one for each month of the year, featuring weird holidays.

Using, I found a ton of weird, silly, and unknown holidays, and made a spreadsheet for January. Here are some of the ones I’m going to be doing:

  • Apple Gifting Day
  • 55 MPH Speed Limit Day (pretty sure you can figure out what this story will be about)
  • National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day (and this one)
  • Broken Resolution Day (and this one)
  • National Opposite Day
  • Thomas Crapper Day
  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

I’ve been facing writer’s block for quite some time now. By giving myself all of these ideas, I’m hopeful that I can come up with new, fun stories that get me writing again.

Some of them will also continue the Spanking Connected Universe — like, for example, if I do National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, I’m sure Grace from Training the Trainer will appear. And I’m also sure that there will be recurring new characters in this series.

I might even start writing today. Who knows?

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